Michael Ryan (He/Him/His)

Bay Area Community Resources

Program Coordinator                

Michael joined the team at BACR in April 2023 as a Program Coordinator, with an emphasis on database management and functionality. Michael was born and raised in Oakland, CA – and has a deep love and connection with the Bay Area as a whole. Michael graduated from Sonoma State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and although he has not directly gone into the Education field, he has found a passion in incorporating a myriad of education theories and perspectives into all aspects of his life. For the past 7 years, Michael has worked in an operational & administrative capacity across multiple industries; specifically in the Life Science/Biopharmaceutical sector. In his spare time, he enjoys walking his dog on the many hiking trails in the Oakland Hills, playing tennis, and discovering newly released sour candy! Michael can’t wait to embark on his journey supporting the California Climate Action Corps!